(+ the magic of dogs)
I spent the past month on a 28 day Journey to Love, as shared by fierce Queen Courtney Maria. I had this amazing discovery of infinite, unfolding possibilities and layers to what love can open up for us. It literally never ends.
On the 28th day, I was deeply touched by how my relationship to beauty and magic had been transformed. At the start, I had strong unconscious beliefs around making art (not performance–other types of creative acts like drawing or journaling), that it wasn’t practical or useful and I had intense resistance to recognizing any value in it. My inner masculine was hardcore pushing away any nonlinear expression as being valueless. Now, not only have I been drawing, journaling, and dancing, but I see beauty in EVERYTHING. I feel free and expressive and so so sensitive to the exquisite beauty of life.
It used to be that when people would talk about seeing beauty in nature, I would feel like, yeah it’s beautiful. . . what’s the big deal? Now, I feel this deep sense of connection and tenderness and sensitivity to the natural world. And the `unnatural` world. I am deeply moved by beauty in a way I never was before, and I see it everywhere. I see God in the beauty.
After I did my 28th heart chakra meditation, I went to cuddle my dog. I was looking at her, and it was like I was seeing her for the first time. Seeing the essence of HER, not `my dog`. I felt connected to her, even one with her. I started weeping and felt an opening on a whole new level.
This was when I realized the depth of the gratitude piece; I felt humbled by my dog in a raw way, my `pet`, and I started speaking to her. I told her thank you, I told her how humbled I am by her unconditional love and forgiveness and playfulness, and that I am committed to being a devotee worthy of the gratitude and love she bestows every day. I made a vow to really SEE her when I look at her, and to always be tender and gentle with her. She held my gaze while I spoke to her, and when I wept harder she licked my face and snuggled up to me. I am so, so humbled by this creature. She is magical. She is absolutely a teacher to me. I am so humbled by life, and the beauty and magic life has to offer.
Gratitude is MAGIC. <3
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