Gone fish

Gone fish.
Ocean and sun pull me back into them when I don’t even know how bad I need it and I’m in ecstasy. Ecstasy.
Miracles happen every day too, multiple miracles. Living a miracle based lifestyle.
I come from sun worshipping people, seems like my ancestors demand this time , surrendering.
La republica dominicana es una maravilla de naturaleza. Gratitude. Brb.
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GAZA , barely recovering from last siege, under attack again

GAZA , barely recovering from last siege, under attack again. If you feel like your friend #nas made you think that “Jews and Arabs just have always been this way for no reason its always been just like that” then you got a reprieve from reality, and cause and effect, and you got relieved of having to do anything. Propaganda is adapting all the time. Be very wary of the messaging we’re being fed.
Love and power to the people of #Gaza , to #Palestine . The time is now to stand with them. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement now. #bds #freepalestine
“Facebook has long been accused of being complicit in Israel’s occupation through its closure of Palestinian activists’ accounts and those of organisations critical of Israel. According to Israel’s “Cyber Unit”, 69 per cent of its requests to remove content were agreed to by social media giants including Facebook and Twitter.”

Who does privatization of social services benefit? Cheap labor, again all but that

Who does privatization of social services benefit? Cheap labor, again all but that. Who will fight for the workers?
“In 2016, over 80 percent of waste-work deaths nationwide occurred in the private sector. And in New York City over all, municipal sanitation trucks haven’t caused a death since 2014, but private trucks killed seven people in 2017 alone. When ProPublica interviewed workers from five of New York City’s private haulers, 71 percent reported having been injured on the job, 93 percent reported that their employer provided no health and safety training, and 62 percent said that their work vehicles were sometimes unsafe. Some said they hesitated to complain about the conditions, worrying that their employers would simply assign them fewer shifts if they did so.” #NewYorksStrongest


MUST READ. RIP #DouglasSchifter
Blood on our hands. Who cares about working people? Not our representatives. Uber can afford to take a loss w that cheap fare, its their takeover plan and its out here killing people. What a bitter what a sad loss his message needs to be heard, this corporatism is brutal is murderous. Please share.
“I worked 100-120 consecutive hours almost every week for the past fourteen plus years. When the industry started in 1981, I averaged 40-50 hours. I cannot survive any longer with working 120 hours! I am not a Slave and I refuse to be one. … Bloomberg, deBlasio and Andrew Cuomo have each had their part in destroying a once thriving industry. There are over 100,000 of us suffering daily now. It is the new slavery,” he wrote. He went on to say, “There seems to be a strong bias by the Mayor and Governor in favor of Uber. A Company that is a known liar, cheat and thief,” Schifter wrote.”
BHAIRAVI DESAI: There must be a cap on the number of vehicles, and done in a way that protects full-time work. The taxi meter, which is regulated, must be the meter that is used across all of the sectors, so Uber and Lyft cannot continue to drop the fare. That rate of fare needs to go up. And there needs to be a health and benefits fund that will take care of the drivers. On of the things that Douglas said was, as he faced his poverty, he also lost his healthcare. People cannot afford it. There is too much at stake here.

CW: rage inducing pro apartheid propaganda, Is this nas person paid to NOT mention the occupation? Suspicious as hell

CW: rage inducing pro apartheid propaganda
Is this nas person paid to NOT mention the occupation? Suspicious as hell. “Oh Arabs and Jews hate each other, no context necessary. Just human nature I guess!” Why is there notjing about apartheid/genocide , ethnic cleansing backed by the state and army- none of that in these? Sus-picion. Brand Israel? Who can tell me. #freepalestine #BDS also did it not flood everyone’s feeds at the same time?

I have always told Christina Berkley that this was the video that made me love her because the first time I saw it I knew Damn I need this in my life

I have always told Christina Berkley that this was the video that made me love her because the first time I saw it I knew Damn I need this in my life.
This is one of those videos you go back to every now and again when you forget why your doing everything that your doing.
It’s a reminder to celebrate new beginnings for someone who has a bit of your heart. It’s trying not to forget what a red crayon truly means to you. It’s a reminder to have a lil fun with the boys no matter how old we get. It’s a reminder to take the time to call the family up just to hear their voice. It’s a reminder to do something crazy with someone you may not even know. Overall it’s a reminder to live this crazy life in all aspects from personal to professional.
It’s Saturday, time to rock the hell out of this night and get ready to do it all over again.


 Ha Long Bay is a small bay in the western part of the Gulf of Tonkin, including the sea island of Ha Long City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don Island District, Quang Ninh Province.
Ha Long Bay consists of 1,969 large and small islands, of which 989 are named islands and 980 unnamed islands, with an area of ​​1,553 km² including the core zone and the buffer zone. The heritage site of Ha Long Bay is internationally recognized with an area of ​​434 km², as a triangle with three peaks, Dau Go Island (west), Ba Ham Lake (south) and Cong Tay (east) It consists of 775 islands with many caves and beaches.
At least 500 million years ago, Ha Long Bay has become the basis for invaluable human values ​​such as biodiversity, archaeological culture and other human values. The history of geologic geology is of great importance to geomagnetic science worldwide, as well as the study of the formation and development of the Earth’s crust.


The beautiful beauty of Ha Long Bay makes visitors ecstatic
The beautiful beauty of Ha Long Bay makes visitors ecstatic
In terms of biodiversity, Ha Long Bay is home to the development of closed forest ecosystems, tropical wet rain and coastal ecosystems with many ecosystems, including 14 species of plants and about 60 species. Endemic animals have been discovered among thousands of flora and fauna populations in the bay.
In addition, archeological studies done in Ha Long Bay from the early 20th century have shown that this was once a cultural cradle of humanity.
In addition, for the people of Vietnam, vietnambeachholiday.net/ Ha Long Bay also has a great cultural, spiritual and spiritual significance, manifested through the legend of the Dragon Baby Tien, through historical evidence of significance. Van Don port, Bai Chay battle, historic Bai Tho mountain, sea battle in Hang Dau …
Ha Long Bay includes many famous sights such as Con Coc Islet, Emerald Island, Ngoc Vung, Ti Tung Island, Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave.
Wondering the mysterious natural beauty, at the same time associated with the life of the people of Vietnam from ancient times, so, Ha Long Bay has long gone into the poetry of Vietnamese literature, Nguyen Trai’s lagoon, hailed Ha Long Bay as "a stone wonder in the sky".
In 1962, the Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam ranked Ha Long Bay as a national-level monument and a protection zone. In 1994, the core zone of Ha Long Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage with aesthetic value and was re-recognized for the second time with exceptional global value in geology and geomorphology in 2000.


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Two mermaids, land locked and loving the lessons, sitting on an eastern shore where the sun mysteriously still set over the water

Two mermaids, land locked and loving the lessons, sitting on an eastern shore where the sun mysteriously still set over the water.
We went exploring to the farthest point of the eastern coast. A treasure cache sat on the sand for us. Empty shells, spirals and leopard print patterns, a gentle hermit crab, prehistoric reminders of a world that is ancient and wise. We rearranged these treasures in a sacred symbol, gifting a little beauty back to the land with lots of blessings.
We sat quietly then, breathing prana, nourishing our world, feeling sunken pirate ships off the coast. Green light shone through gently crashing surf, heralding the emergence of spirits from deep underwater, elemental and human both. Full of memory and eternal presence. Showing me how to see the darkest dark of all that is around and within us, storing wisdom and silent judgment. The eyes of the pirate ghost who stood shimmering before us glowed like those waves. I was instructed to learn how to shine that golden green light from my own eyes, tapping into a power and consciousness that have existed long long before this earthly body arrived mere decades ago.
And the sun set, and we stood mesmerized by the light on the waves. And she photographed me caught in a moment of divinely blissful shock at the beauty everywhere, and sure enough, my eyes glowed with that same green light.
Success. Gratitude. Enchantment.
#oceanwisdom #internalalchemy #multidimensional #earthlessons #mermaid #siren #pirate #southport #thepoint
Photo by the glorious @n_nanabananas

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