The term “casual fan” is an oxymoron

The term "casual fan" is an oxymoron. "Fan" is short for "fanatic:, and if you have been watching a TV show, reading a series of books, or playing a series of video games – for years – and you still don’t know major aspects of the lore, or STILL can’t pronounce or even remember the names of the major characters, then you are no fan at all.
I hope this has cleared some of the confusion, and why actual fans are so often annoyed (to say the least) by people who are clearly not fan(atics)s when they claim to be as much.
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Vietnam Day Tours

Morning: 06h00 pick up you at the meeting point in Saigon, start the Western Tour Day 1 – Coconut – Cai Mon.
09h00: Arrive in Ben Tre City, take the delegation to the first point of the tour: brick oven Mr. Tu Lo see how to make, brick by hand. After that, the boat will take visitors into the natural canals, through the vast coconut forest, visit the processing plant coconut along the river and coconut candy. Continue to the village by rowing boat, visit the house weaving mats. Have lunch at his house.
Trolley ride on the village road through the coconut grove, rice fields, mulberry trees. Stop at Phu Nhuan bridge or Nhon Thanh turnpike.
Pick up passengers at Phu Nhuan, across Ham Luong bridge, turn into QL.57 to Cai Mon on the road full of bonsai, plants. Stop visiting nature gardens, animal gardens, gardens Hoang Duy. Continue your Vietnam day tours to turn into the flower village of Vinh Bac – Vinh Nam. Stop at the house, visit the garden of bonsai, orchard (5000m2 wide) special seasonal (rambutan, durian), enjoy the fruit at home garden (May: Durian, mangosteen, June – July: rambutan – September – October: grapefruit, orange …)
15h00: You board the car along National Highway 57 crossing Co Chien river by Dinh Khao ferry to Vinh Long.
19h00: Arrive in Sai Gon, end the Western Tour Day 1 – Dua – Cai Mon, see you again.

Ok everyone hope you’ve recovered from Tuesday

Ok everyone hope you’ve recovered from Tuesday, or you’re ready for tonight events which once again promised to bring nothing but hard work and success!!! So if you are ready (which of course you are ) I’ll see you tonight at our Insanity Rotherham Sports Acro, Thurcroft. Don’t forget we can cater for all abilities and fitness levels, and this doesn’t mean it makes it easier !! See you later
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tour myanmar

It was a 5 kilometres hiking at 

tour myanmar and I think I did complete it…. :P That great moment that you decide to go hitchhiking and you get that great lift!! 

I want to thank all my friends and family who have reached out to send me their love

I want to thank all my friends and family who have reached out to send me their love. Also want to thank everyone who messaged me today. Much love. ❤️⚛️❤️
Yesterday around 1:30 pm I got bit by a Western Diamondback rattlesnake in Laguna Beach. I was hiking on a trail that I have a lot of experience on and towards the very end of my hike I was in the process of picking some white sage and got bit on my right index finger. At first I didn’t know what it was, I thought I got pricked by a cactus, as I pulled my hand back I noticed that there was two puncture wounds. It began to bleed profusely. I then heard the rattle vibrate, I looked into the bushes and saw a juvenile rattlesnake. Initially I was stunned, a million thoughts rushing into my mind. I didn’t know how I was going to react to this venom, rattlesnakes are full on. I definitely knew it was a juvenile, which release more poison than mature snakes. I have snakes, and have a ton of experience with them which def helped me. I then caught my breath, worked on my meditation and envisioned myself getting through it. Had an immediate psychedelic reaction where I knew this was a medicine journey I needed to experience and journey through. I made it over to Hoag hospital where I received multiple doses of anti-venom. My hand tripled in size. Doctors said my immune system was fierce and I am very lucky. Fascinating experience- who needs Kambo frog medicine? Try rattlesnake – JK!! I am going through the whole spiritual process of what this means right now with my inner self and my tribe. Still in the very early stages.
The Snake: Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, and Wisdom // argued as to whether it is the symbol of the tiger or the lower. Sometimes seen as the devil and sometimes seen as a healer, it is an animal that truly has earned the mythical reputation. Snake ceremonies involved learning to transmute the poisons within the body after being bit multiple times. Survival of this world then enable the individual to transmute all poisons, physical or otherwise. It activated the energy of kill or cure, ultimately leading to dramatic healing.

Orwell at his finest

Orwell at his finest… News controlled by just a few, enables monopoly and domination over what shapes our opinions and subsequent “beliefs”. Most of us have come to realize however that these main stream media outlets all parrot the same talking points and messaging — often word for word! When it happens (the word-for-word phrase of the day), it’s almost comical. Switch the channel and they’re all repeating the exact same phrases and words that have obviously been given to them (all of them) from the powers on high.
The best way to keep informed of current events and their meanings is to expand and diversify your news and information sources. Do not rely solely on watching 30 minutes of the evening main-stream network news from one of the alphabet channels. It’s only ONE point of view that you’re seeing and hearing. Do not assume that it is the real truth. It is slanted – enormously.
You will need to have an open mind, and today’s internet is loaded with a tremendous wealth of ‘food for thought’ on countless issues, topics, alternative news, and commentary. Some of it is good, and some of it – not so much. It is up to you to separate the difference.

Sadly i started getting real aggro messages late night from a cis het puerto rican man “friend” of mine this is how they started, and kept going -…

Sadly i started getting real aggro messages late night from a cis het puerto rican man “friend” of mine this is how they started, and kept going – starting to be a pattern FYI from this person which is not good. 2nd time this happened over couple months. I blocked him and then he went to my email to say some more shit. Its cool i blocked him there i think he’s drunk (MAYBE NOT thats me being compassionate) but I’m putting this on tiny blast here, nameless for now, as an example of the fucking shit femme get subjected to , by big, straight cis guys. This one of color mind you. Im posting to say , patriarchal aggression and violence pools around the femme, around women. Its just how shit is set up. Haven’t seen this guy in years, but 2nd time out of the blue. I’m a symbol of “communism” , bizarre. Random fixation by angry straight man never good.
I have in my life had to have an order of protection and police involved in my own love life, and as a kid growing up cuz of violence. Am i good, yeah I’m good. Don’t cry for me, this is typical of a lot of women/femme you know, increasingly depending on what zip code you’re in. Getting these last night creeped me out i have to say, cuz its one thing to be hated by strangers, another when people you know and have loved, friends, lovers whatever. It happens. All the time. Violence hostility aggression. At the same time saying he loves me. Creepy.
So this is a PSA , he’s blocked , I’m good:
The enemy is within, the call is coming from inside the mf house. Whiteness, is for everybody. Latino republican man angry at me for reposting the Young Lords guy’s call to puerto rico? I get secret threats. Who worships at the feet of the master oh too many of us. Im exorcizing my internalized self hatred every day.
This is sadly, the way shit is set up, understand that if you don’t have to deal with it, its normal for your femme/woman friends, increasingly at different intersections.
Are you dismantling this , or upholding this?
EDIT: ever more PSA: u know i love you. Im not asking for advice from men and please take care not to diminish any threat/aggression aimed at a femme. Please take this with the care and love I’m expressing. Empathetic rage , ok. Pledges to act in violence on my behalf? Excellent. Is violence not your bag? thats cool but FYI I am not a pacifist. Love and fury can be great allies. Im good w where i am, and i know how to take care of myself (see above), trust me I’ve faced worse. Im asking my masc friends: Are you upholding this , or dismantling this system of femme hatred/possession/ownership? Its all connected. How are you treating your sisters/femme/woman folk today? Your inner feminine? Thats a question I’m posing, to the good guys.
I am also accepting gifts, kind consolations, money, admiration and sweet offerings in the form of words or whatever yes. This was stressful but not new. Can you let that make you sad? Thats the point of this post. Said w fury and also love. Both things, same time. Its how a lot of your femme sisters walk. Celebrate it, support it.
EDIT EDIT: finding my breath now. This really kicked up a lot. When its guys who say they love u same time coming in a real way for you, is call that terrorism too.

“Ayurveda is a path of moderation

“Ayurveda is a path of moderation. It teaches us to be moderate. This means we stay in the flow. We do not deviate too much one way or another. We establish an equilibrium in our rhythm that keeps us moving easily in life. That means not stagnant, blocked, forcing or constantly over exerting just to survive.” – Dipika Delmenico-Voss

As I prepped my chariot for today’s journey, I found this little beauty in a puddle at my feet

As I prepped my chariot for today’s journey, I found this little beauty in a puddle at my feet.
It reflected the state of our people to me.
Colorful. Bright. Vibrant. Burnt and blackened around the edges. Humble but epic. Made unforgettable through the individual journey it has taken through its unique life cycle.
May our challenges make us strong. May our fears and pain BRING US TOGETHER.
May we each be a completely unique piece of the larger whole in the way only we can. May we combine the best of who we are to create something beautiful.
May we exceed all expectations as we travel through Autumn together.
We are all connected. This is a tiny planet in a vast sea. We are truly all brothers and sisters, whether we remember that or not.
May we all answer the calls that come to us in glory and forthright power, and may we never use what is right for us to judge what is right for another.
Our differences are what make us great.
May we learn and heal.
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When Tragedy Strikes: Advice for Energy Healers, It is more important now than ever that those of us who CAN hold our center, DO SO

When Tragedy Strikes: Advice for Energy Healers
It is more important now than ever that those of us who CAN hold our center, DO SO. If there is an actionable way to help, do it. But if there isn’t yet one, don’t contribute to the chaotic fear and hate based energies circulating in the wake of tragedy. Use the tools you’ve accumulated to hold the frequency of the world you want to live in! This helps way more than talking about how sh*tty things are. The power of prayer is scientifically proven to be effective.
It’s time to go to work you guys.
The task of maintaining a healing and love-based frequency is easy when things are good. But when we hear of horrible things like the Las Vegas shooting this weekend, THAT IS THE TIME that the energy workers should snap to attention and do what we’ve been trained to do.
Sending love.

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